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NID-1010 Integrated TEDS Adapter


NID-1010 Integrated TEDS* Adapter is electronic device that enables conversion from non-TEDS IEPE (ICP®) sensor into TEDS IEPE (ICP ) sensor according to standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-7:2011. Our device allows data such as identification data about manufacturer, identification data about sensor, sensor’s technical characteristics, details regarding calibration etc. to be written onto it and read later.

Unit is made in two variants (please see Ordering Information), modified for connecting via two most commonly used types of connectors used in industrial vibration sensors (accelerometers and velomitors): 2-pin MIL-C-5015 and M12. Buyer has to chose one of the variants during the ordering.

We offer unit with two types of low noise cables suitable for IEPE (ICP®) sensors: with armor and without it. Type and length of low noise cable is user definable during the ordering process. Standard cable lengths are 3ft, 6ft and
10ft. There is a possibility of ordering any length of cable as long as it has no interference with IEPE (ICP®) signal.

Reading and writing data is possible with any reader/writter that is fully compatible with standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-7:2011. As option we offer NID-1011 TEDS Interface Kit with related software for writing and reading of TEDS data.

It is possible to install and implement it in new and existing Condition Monitoring System (CMS) and Machinery Monitoring System (MMS), that are independent and/or SCADAsupported.

* Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) contains the critical information needed by an instrument or measurement system to identify, characterize, interface and properly use the signal from an analog sensor. For more details see standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-7:2011.



  • Transforms non-TEDS IEPE sensor into TEDS sensor
  • Fully compatible with ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-7:2011
  • Read/write possible with any TEDS-compatible device
  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Specially adapted for M12 and 2-pin MIL-C-5015
  • Easy integration into existing CMS and MMS systems
  • Length and type of the cable is customizable


Sensor connectors

M12 connector: IEC 60947-5-2

MIL-C-5015 connector: Type MS3143 10SL-4P

Environmental characteristics


Operating -10°C to +65°C

Storage -18°C to +65°C

Humidity: 95% R.H. maximum

Ordering Information

M12 connector: NID-1010.0-XX-YY

MIL-C-5015 connector: NID-1010.1-XX-YY

XX – length of the cable (in ft)

YY – type of cable:

01 – without armor

02 – with armor