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NID-2000 Dynamic Signal Simulator


NID-2000 Dynamic Signal Simulator is a battery operated instrument which is used to electronically simulate outputs from various types of sensors and transmitters. The device can be used as standalone device or it can be PC driven via embedded USB communication.  In PC mode the device provides all the capabilities of a stand-alone mode, with the difference that includes a number of useful tools that make it easier to use. Thus, for example, the software contains a database of sensors and transmitters major manufacturers in the area of vibration, but has and the option of “Customer defined”. Also by using the profile enables storing of data settings for future use, and so on.


  • Simulates various sensor and transmitter signal outputs
  • Fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 10816 (ISO 20816) standards
  • Operates in two modes: standalone and PC based
  • The software includes a sensors/transmitters database of the major manufacturers
  • Automatic the creation of reports in PC mode enabled
  • Loop powered current source output
  • Tachometer TTL and OSO® output
  • BOV test of IEPE (ICP) sensors supported
  • Menu-driven operation
  • Multi language menu
  • Metric and Imperial units
  • PC connection
  • Battery operated

Application Notes

NID-2000 Dynamic Signal Simulator is suitable for checking and calibration measurement lines for dynamic parameters analysis, such as vibration analysis, structural analysis, etc. Function BOV (Bias Output Voltage) allows quick verification of the correctness IEPE (ICP) sensors and signal cables. Device is especially optimized for Machinery Monitoring Systems (MMS) and/or Machinery Protection Systems (MPS) according to ISO 10186 (ISO 20816) standards series, that are independent or supported by SCADA/DCS Systems.